Spirituality Site


The client is a integrative nutritionist, transformation coach, and human behavioral specialist. His teachings revolved around nutrition, lifestyle and spirituality. I designed a website that had an earthy natural feel, but also had some elements that created a sense of mysticism. The site is organized to have a very natural flow, leading users down the [...]

Avian Spotting Portfolio


This fully responsive avian portfolio website was created with modern, elegant clean lines and polished visual impact to draw customers to the unique aesthetic of our client’s photos. Concentration on the clients photos as the driving force behind the design gives off a genuine feel. This website has been optimized for search engine and mobile [...]

Ready Cassette Go!


Ready Cassette Go! is a fully responsive movie review website created with a retro feel using classic 80's design sensibilities and custom illustrations. The unique aesthetic of the website draws in traffic by creating a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. Optimized for search engine and mobile compatibility, this site reflects the changing search profile of [...]

Terre Vegane


Terre Vegane is the manufacturer of small-batch, hand made, artisan vegan products. They needed a website that could reflect the same style of high-end craftsmanship as their products, so I created a bold and elegant design. The website is highly integrated with their social media presence with a built in Instagram feed and even a [...]

SD Urban Rentals


SD Urban rentals is a small property management company that operates out of the urban San Diego area. The goal was to create a design that was clean and professional, but also reflected the companies humble size. Organized sections make navigation easy for website visitors and the site is fully responsive and optimized for search [...]